Celebrating Differences

In Autumn 2, Daubeney have been ‘Celebrating Differences’ in Jigsaw.

The children have been discussing how it is ok to be different.

Nobody in the WORLD
looks the same
thinks the same
feels the same
believes the same
behaves the same

Take a look at our video #itisokto


Ece 5F - #itsgoodtobescared

Vanesa 4c - #it's ok to make new friends ☺

Mr Dharma - - itisoktothinkdifferently

Arietta 4Z - It is OK to be different

Lucia 2C -

Milo 2c - #it is ok to have different opinions

RACHEL 2C - #it is ok to be different.

sufyan 5F - #itsokto have mental issues

FARZANA 3T - #itsokto be make mistakes

Violette 2C - #it is ok to have a different personality

Joshua 2C - #it is ok to make mistakes

Mr Shamji - #itsoktobedifferent

Mrs Thomas - it is OK to be yourself!

Great video everyone, love it !

Miss Lucey - #itisokto make mistakes.

Ece 5F - #it ok to be nervous

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