Bikers Breakfast

Daubeney hosted a Bikers Breakfast on 14th March 2019 where we gave a free breakfast to all children that rode to school on a bike. We also had mechanics from ‘Dr. Bike’ come in to check everyone’s bikes and ensure they are in good working order.


Ms Cherid - Well done to all those that brought in their bikes. We managed to service 21 bikes! Great turnout despite the weather - We will definitely be hosting another Bikers' Breakfast in the Summer term.. Keep your eyes peeled!

Daubeney mum - Fantastic incentive! The bike checks were brilliant and put everyone in an excited mood! I really hope to see a return of the ‘bikers breakfast’.

Zakariya 4K - I really enjoyed the idea, I wouldlike to see more bikers breakfast, especially the gentlemen who helped check our bikes - Thank you Miss Cherid and Daubeney.

Mr Matvad - What a wonderful idea - it was really great to see this at Daubeney, this motivated many more to cycle to school.

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