BBC Breakfast - Race Inequality Discussion

Our Head of School, Gregory Logan featured on BBC Breakfast on 10th October to discuss the findings of the Government's Ethnicity Facts and Figures audit.


Timalma 2k - Well done Mr. Logan you done a good job I am so happy for you πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

Ayaat 6m - Well done Mr LoganπŸ‘πŸ‘

Miracle 6M - Well done Mr Logan

Kimberly - Well done I am proud 😁

Maelle 4p - :) :) :) :) so proud

Sehriban Moufid - Deniz and Ada's Mum - This subject is so immensely important . The world is not a fair place and we must work very hard to make it fair so that everyone in the world gets to live a happy life. Thank you Mr Logan for bring this issue to the forefront of peoples minds. Together we can make it better.

Elah Boyce-Linton - Just seeing this now, well done Mr Logan for discussing this important issue. You are a good role model

Anaya - Well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Daubeney is the best!

cormac 5f - Very, very good. I think it is great that Daubeney is such a diverse school.

Ecem, old yr 6, and Efe, recent yr 6 - Hey sir. I hope you had a great time. We are in yr 9 and 8 now in the City Academy and we are still going over our memories from DAUBENEY. We both miss you all and will hopefully see you again soon. Much love to all our teachers. I would really like to thank Mr Dharma for helping me through this journey into secondary.

Aziza - Mr Logan gave the camera a dirty look but still well done Mr Logan

Angel 4P - I love that Mr Logan is representing Daubeney in a good way.

MaΓ«lle 4p - Wow I can not believe you were so brave but I think everyone in daubeney is very brave and I think anyone can grow up like you and I definitely agreed with you In all of your words and every one else should as well so I think you did an AMAZING job also you were representing our school is the BEST!!!!!!

Rohilat-5F - Well done sir!

Sude yilmaz 1L - Well done Mr Logan :)

Dejaunet 5F - Well done Mr Logan!

Ishmam-5ma - Well done Mr Logan you have done a very good job

Xiomara4c - Well done Mr. Logan you always make everyone super proud and you were very brave to go on the BBC news I am so happy to have a head teacher like you

Hoodo 6F - I realised that Mr Logan was not happy cause of Mr Reece's death on that day.

Laniya 2G - It's like your famous

Lenka - Well done Mr Logan. We are very proud.

Jumi old year 6 student 2016 - Well done Daubeney and I will see you soon

Jumi old year 6 student 2016 - Well done Sir. You done for me and for Daubeney primary school and one thing is that Daubeney will always be my home reguardless of anything. I will always have a bag Daubeney lovers even if I am in secondary school I will always have Daubeney with me. Also, you have shown me a lesson that you could act how ever you want but there will always be a place in life were you have to face up for it. Thank you Sir and may god be with you.

Ayomide Brown - Well done great job

Xiomara4C - The only sad thing in the videos that when it was uploaded to the daubeney website it's the day that we found out that Mr Reese died so that's why I went on the daubeney website just yet any news and then I found this so yeah prayers
for Mr Reece
we all miss you

MUHSIN ali - am very pround and you really told us sussces

David - What we did today. We made a House for animals today in 2B

Kayin 6F - Well done Sir you were amazing! :)

Kingsley 3T - Well done Mr Logan, I definitely agree with you

Salma 5MA - Well done Mr Logan! You sowed us we're the best like you always tell us! :D

Hayden5f - Well done Mr Logan.

Lexi-2B - Well done Mr Logan, you were really good!

Ava-3a - I am so happy for you sir

Dejaunel - Well done we are the best school

Patryk - It's so nice to see Mr Logan to speak about this specific topic and mention about Hackney :)

Jessey - You sure made Daubeney proud Mr Logan.

Ubah Hussein - Excellent speech mr Logan

xiang and jiang 6f and 1p - you were amazing. Well done

Kyran 5m - Mr Logan well done

valeri 5f - Very good speech Mr Logan, very good.

Luke, Brighton - Nice one mr Logan great speech!

Harriet Clompus - Very well said, Gregory. Daubeney is very, very lucky to have you. The racial mix (and the fact there are so many male teachers compared to other schools) in Daubeney was very inspiring and empowering to its pupils. We miss you and all at Daubeney!!

Wioleta 5m - Daubeney is the best

Lynn Loo - Fantastic conversation on this issue and a continuing one! Thanks for putting this video link up.

Neil McDonald - Beanstalk - Just caught up with you on Breakfast, Mr Logan. Thank you for being concise and clear with such good statistics on this very important issue. I'm proud to be a part of Daubeney school.

Maya 1L - Good job Mr Logan representing the school well!

Shay Darcheville - Well done

Namo - The best head teacher and the best primary school ever . MR Logan I am so proud of you sir, well done fantastic speech.

Sherlomi 5M - I am really proud of Mr Logan being on camera.

Iris 5ma - Layahni your brilliant your amazing cpr girl

taariq - well done you are star

layahni - I agree Daubeney is the best because we do the best and you are the best. You represented our school well!

Karim 4P - I'm so proud of Mr Logan

Carmen - Fantastic job Mr Logan! At Daubeney we are the best!

jenny - Well done Mr Logan!!!! You proved to us we are the best school!

Kerstin Klein - Excellent. As new parent, I am very proud about such great representation and contribution.

Ismail 4P - I like your speech.

Malia 4P - Well done Mr Logan, you were very positive and you did well!

Tariq 4P - Well done Mr Logan, at Daubeney, we are the best.

Zakaria 4P - I like your speech Mr Logan!

Halima 4P - Well done for representing Daubeney and making such a powerful speech, you are the best!

kerim 4P - Good work Mr Logan :)

Maelle 4P - Well done Mr Logan, I agree with you!

Mylene Sylvestre - Well done Mr Logan for speaking about such important issues on TV and for representing our school so well!

Ramatu 6S - Mr Logan well done

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