BBC Breakfast - Austerity Discussion

Mr Dharma appeared on BBC Breakfast on Monday 12th June to discuss the impact of austerity on education.


Kaimum - Well done !!

Ayaat 6m - Good Job 😄👍👍

Alaine 6M - Good work

Me - Good job. I hope that our class can get our teacher on tv...oh wait we have😃

Tracey - I am so proud of the school I have chosen for my son you all do amazing work. Well done Mr Dharma everything you said was on point and accurate keep up the good work

Jahari 5M - Well done sir

Patryk - As an,Teacher Assistant working in many schools and nurseries I have cleary noticed that austerity is a major problem faced by high number of children and young people because some families are working really hard often overhours but they losing many opportunities based on child education and development so this means that many children are attending to be hungry due to lack of food that they need so '' Breakfast Club '' is open for them but I have noticed that now all children are benefit from it so in my opinion this is not fair. As well, most of schools and nurseries are lacking with Healthy Diet Programe so this need to be immediently provided by Health Professional for parents, children and teachers.

Amara - I hope you enjoyed yourself Mr Dharma

ayesha - I am in 3a. Good job Mr Darmmmer


Emmanuel - Well done Mr Dharma, I really like what you did on BBC Breakfast.

Nina Lyndon - Great job Mr Dharma!

Pedro6F - Mr Dharma, great job on summarising austerity as a teacher.

manpreet - Good work sir!

raj - Well done sir!

Lay'ahni - I agreed with everything you said 100%

violet5M - Was it fun?

Rabiah and Chante - Hi Mr Dharma!!!!!!! We miss you so much! And we hope that we can see you more on TV!!!

annaiya - Did you enjoy yourself?

Mr Dharma - Lovely comment Rylea - thank you. What do you think needs to happen for all children to have a great education?

Rylea5m - It is very impressive that they showed their opinion.

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