Most improved music curriculum!

While fireworks were exploding overhead, a very proud Mr. Clarke, Miss Douglas and Mr. O‘Flynn went to the Hackney Empire to attend the Hackney Music Service Annual Gala. Mr O’Flynn was tipped off that there might be an award for Daubeney and sure enough Daubeney received a special acknowledgement for improvement in the music department. Standing on stage with a certificate, before a thousand people, the press photographers flashed their lights and Mr. O Flynn thought all his dreams had come true.  We did it! We won!

Mr. O Flynn would like to share the award with all who helped the music department at Daubeney over the year. A special mention needs to go to parent volunteer Abbie Harper and LSA Miss Shelina for helping on so many music trips. Also the music departmnet at Daubeney would be very weak if it wasn’t for the powerful impact of Mr. Smith’s drum club. The biggest thank you is to the children of Daubeney who are so musical and bring the most wonderful energy to every music lesson.