Christmas Number 1

Tell your Ma, tell your Pa, tell the whole wide world….we at Daubeney are proud to make an attempt at a Christmas number 1 single. The epic tale began last Christmas when two young girls, Iris Roberts and Mia Kaur came forward with their own stellar composition for our Christmas carol concert. The song was the highlight of our show, leaving an audience of 100 parents mesmerised. Next our school band, led by Atticus Harper, added some chords to the song and swiftly afterwards we found ourselves booking some studio time with Andy Gangadeen, the drummer from Chase n Status, to record our very own Christmas single. The recording took place in summer and it felt very unusual to sing our Christmas song on a beautiful sunny day. We are now building momentum to the big launch of our original song “Christmas is coming”. Can you feel the excitement? Its Daubeney’s turn to take the centre stage.

Pre order links for the single are available below. Please forward a link to this page to everyone you do and don’t know.

A stop go animation music video by Year 5 student Kai Sherwin will be released on the 14th of December at this year’s school carol concert. Also the school band will be performing our single live at this same event. 

Daubeney Primary School is proud to support Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity.


alexi - This is the best Christmas song

Pedrinho - The drum set was amazing

khanya (went to daubney) - It was fun, the keyboard I got to use was amazing!!!!

Jack5m - That was epic!

NEVAEH Riley - The song is really catchy

Hauphen - Very well done .

Chicken - I love this song. We have used this song for our assembly.

Jessey 5M - I really like that song

Temi 4C - Well done, I really enjoyed watching it. I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I do!

Nasra 4C - I like this song and I would like to say well done to everyone that made it

Lily 4C - The song is really catchy and I hope everyone buys it!

Bliss 4C - I remember recording this as well, its such a great music video. It was so much fun to record and now its fun to watch

Elisabeth Stewart - I remember recording this! It was so much fun! The music video is great! I hope everyone will buy it. Well done Kai and Rhoda!

Mia kaur- Former Duabeny Student - I am so proud of everyone it was an amazing experience. Remember everyone it is on iTunes. So buy it and the money goes to great Ormond street hospital children's charity. Like Kathryne said we are all daubeney superstars

Kathryn Canty - Well done all of you! This is a stellar effort and has Christmas No1 written all over it. Daubeney Superstars, all of you. Consider it pre-ordered....