Art Time with Miss Patel - Humbug Illusions Pattern

As requested, here is the tutorial video on how to create the Humbug illusions pattern. Enjoy!

Don't forget to sent your artwork to so that we can feature your work in our virtual assembly.


Millar family - We all ended our week by drawing together on Friday night. What a great tutorial. Please can you do some more?

Brian - Fantastic. I am going to try this !

Mrs Krueziu - Wow Miss Patel, who knew you had a hidden talent!!

Etta Red class - It’s hard :( but look at mine

Esther 5B - Wow worked out brilliantly

Maelle 6F - Wow Wow Wow!!

Nicole 4DM - WOW I tried to make that but I was terrible, Miss Patel you're a pro!!!

hi - good

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