A Series of Unfortunate Events

Chapter 13 has been added. This is the last chapter is the book. I hope you enjoyed it. If you want to continue with the series, the next book is called The Reptile Room!

Who is your favourite character and why? What do you predict will happen next?! Does anything about this story frustrate you? Why?

Comment below!


Mr. Fahy - I'm fine thanks Hassan. Looking forward to the weekend! How are you? Did you manage to listen to some of the book. Mr. O' Flynn, that great to hear. I think lots of adults like it too. I think the author shares your sense of humour.

Mr. O flynn - I like this book too !

Hassan 5f - How is everybody

Mr. Fahy - That's great to hear Mei. I'm impressed that you've committed to reading all the Series of Unfortunate Events books. When I was started reading them when I was younger, only a few had been written. I didn't realise there would be so many! I didn't know there was a series about Anne of Green Gables. I must give it a go. The book is famous but I've never got round to reading it. Those Percy Jackson books look really interesting. Do they link to Ancient Greece? I might read them in class in future when we're studying that topic. I'm also missing 5F!

mei - Hi Mr Fahy! I watched some of the episodes of A Series of Unfortunate Events on Netflix and it was very entertaining. I am reading (my mum bought me the complete bookset) and watching (the 1985 version, which is the best) Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery. I have started the Percy Jackson series too, which Kai recommended! I miss 5F.

Mr. Fahy - Thank you Roux. Glad to hear you're enjoying it a second time round! Greta, that can be frustrating about the book. What frustrates me is that the adults in the book don't listen to the Baudelaire children. This is a theme that will come up again and again.

Greta-5F - I already read and watched ahead of this part of the book. I will try not to spoil it.

Greta-5F - What frustrates me is that its really sad

Roux 4M - I read this book last year and didn’t really like it. It sounds much better now so I’m going to read along with you!!!!

Mr. Fahy - Greta, I know what you mean. I tried to watch the series but couldn't continue with it. The books are so much better. Dominik, that's great! I'm always trying to think of books that will inspire children to read for pleasure and I'm glad that this book has done this for you.

Dominik 5F - I am already reading the next book in the series. So far I really like it. Thank for introducing it to the class Mr Fahy.

Mr Dharma - Well done Mr Fahy!
Greta - I was so interested in reading your comments on your preference of the book over the filmed series. I totally agree with you in that while I love sitting back and watching a filmed version of a book, it’s only when I’m reading the book that I can truly let my imagination flow and appreciate the book, no matter how long it takes. This is something I find difficult to do if I’m watching something. Lovely comments - well done Greta.

Greta-5F - I’m also watching the series on netflix I like the book better though because there is a narrator in the episodes and he keeps on speaking. He even popped up on the beach scene in the middle of no where

Mr. Fahy - Haha Greta. I think she's my favourite too! I also like how she makes silly noises and the author makes it seems like these noises mean something very complicated.

Greta-5F - My favourite character in the book is Sunny because she bites everything! :) I like the book but it's a bit sad.

Mr. Fahy - I'm glad to hear you like it, Nevan. I'll continue putting up chapters in the next few days!

Mr Dharma - Yes Mr Fahy! Great video and I love this book! Well done....
Nevan! Great to hear from you - well done on posting on the website.

Nevan 5F - I really like this book.

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