These are the latest newsletters from Daubeney Primary School:

Newsletter - 20th July 2017

Welcome to the final edition of our newsletter for the academic year 2016-2017! The year has been extremely eventful within the school walls (and beyond them also), we have revelled in a great many successes along the way and we are still basking in the..

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20th July 2017

Newsletter - 30th June 2017

Welcome to our penultimate newsletter of the year! The summer is now truly upon us, as we can all testify to due to our recent heat-wave.

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30th June 2017

Newsletter - 16th June 2017

Welcome to the final half-term of our academic year. I for one cannot believe how fast the year has gone (we must be having lots of fun)! This half-term has started just as eventfully as all the others as you will see from this edition of our newsletter.

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16th June 2017

Newsletter - 26th May 2017

The summer is here and the majority of our formal assessments are over, only Year 1 Phonics to go; so well done to all of our Year 6s and Year 2s!

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26th May 2017

Creative & Sports Summer School At Lauriston

We have 60 places available at our Summer School for the weeks commencing 24th July and 31st July 2017. If your child is in Rec- Year 5 and you wish to reserve a place, please complete the form below.

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24th May 2017

Newsletter - 12th May 2017

It's been another eventful fortnight here at Daubeney! As you can see from this edition of our newsletter we have been engaging with many outstanding activities in addition to our standard lessons for numeracy and literacy.

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12th May 2017