These are the latest newsletters from Daubeney Primary School:

KS2 Parents' Maths Workshop

Key Stage 2 Parents - (Years 3 - 6). Wednesday 22nd November. To discuss how we teach the 4 operations in mathematics and explore ways in which you can support your child at home.

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16th November 2017

Safeguarding Pupils Walking to and From School Alone

As a school we are responsible for the welfare of our pupils and therefore have to consider what we believe is good practice in ensuring the safety of our pupils. We also have an obligation to alert relevant authorities should we believe a child’s...

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13th November 2017

Newsletter - 10th November 2017

Welcome to the first newsletter of the half-term.

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10th November 2017

Junior Maths Team Maths Challenge

Correct solutions need to be given to Massimo at break times and lunch times. There will be a prize for the child who explains their method the best to Massimo during a breaktime/lunch-time.

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6th November 2017

Newsletter - 20th October 2017

A huge thank you to all parents and carers who attended our Parent Maths Workshop.

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20th October 2017

After School Club Booking

Book your child's spring after school clubs through our website.

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16th October 2017