Daubeney School Band Podcast

Welcome to the Daubeney School Band Podcast. The purpose of this podcast is to share the progress of the school band with family and friends. When we are working on a new song it is useful to have a latest version that we can consult online so we can work on our songwriting from home. Now parents can take part in our journey by listening to this podcast.

We hope you like it and enjoy listening to how the band grows and improves due to our determination, effort and passion.

Episode 1 - September 2019
Episode 2 - September 2019
Episode 3 - September 2019
Episode 4 - October 2019
Episode 5 - October 2019

More Music Highlights

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Sheila - I am Elisabeth's aunt and I am massively impressed by all the very talented pupils at Daubeney. Music is a fantastic way to express feelings and helps cheer you up.

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