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Proud to be part of the
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Outdoor Learning

Find out more about Forest School at Daubeney.

This year, Daubeney will be partnering with Hackney Forest School to implement Outdoor Learning.

Outdoor learning helps improve learning and understanding as well as mental health.

Please ensure that suitable clothing is brought into school for children to change into such as a shirt and tracksuit that can get muddy depending on weather.

Please also ensure that children are dressed appropriately for different weather. For example, in hot weather, children should wear a sun hat, sunscreen and bring a water bottle.

We are very excited for this new addition to our curriculum. Not only will these outdoor opportunities enrich our children’s learning, they will also create a stronger bond between our school and the local community. We hope you are just as excited as we are.

Why outdoor learning?

In a time where technology and devices are becoming more and more engrained into our daily lives, we want to give our children rich, educational experiences in the outdoors. Research has proven that being outdoors more can help improve our moods, our mental health and our wellbeing.

What will we be doing?

Put quite simply, we will be using the outdoors as our classroom. The purpose of our learning may change week to week. As an example, we may go to Daubeney Fields one week to help enrich our history learning and the following week we may go to Hackney Marshes to enrich our maths learning. We will be working closely with the professionals from The Forest School to help make the most of the resources outdoors and to make sure our children are happy and safe.

What can parents / carers help with?

The school will communicate with you when outdoor learning is taking place. On those days, please make sure your child brings to school suitable clothing for outdoor learning. This can include trainers/boots, tracksuit bottoms/shorts, t-shirts. On wet days, a raincoat, a hat or waterproof clothing may also be beneifical and on hot, sunny days it is advised you apply sun cream to the exposed areas of your children’s skin.

There is a saying that goes with outdoor learning, "There is no bad weather, only bad clothing." We aim to go outdoors once a week, for the remainder of the year, come rain or shine. Therefore please work with us to help ensure your children has the most enriching, exciting education that we can offer.