Year 4 Return to School 2017

Year 4 have had a great return to school. The children are bursting with energy and ready for all challenges thrown at them this year.

'I feel great being back at school. I look forward to doing tests and seeing my results.' Brian - 4C

'I'm happy to be back because I like Year 4. I'm looking forward to doing more maths because it is fun especially adding and time tables' Indya - 4K

'I feel good because I like being at school. I'm looking forward to swimming lessons because I enjoy swimming' Aoife 4P


Sarah 4P - I like being in year 4 because you get to have lots of fun and sometimes we get to do drawing and Miss Patel is very sweet and kind! :)

Berat 4P - I really like the work in year 4 and I'm enjoying it!

Zakaria 4P - I like being in year 4 because I like reading and learning.

Gabriel 4P - You guys are so amazing, keep up the good work! :D

Ismail 4P - So far I am enjoying all the learning in year 4!

Nasra 4C - I enjoy learning and I'm happy to be back to school so I can learn more things and become better at English and Science.

Precious 4C - I am happy to be back because the more I learn, the better I get at maths and handwriting. I'm going to keep up my good work

Jusson 4C - I'm happy to be back at school because I want to learn more in Year 4 and challenge myself!

Ronya - This looks great ; keep up the great work

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