BBC Breakfast - Austerity Discussion

Mr Dharma appeared on BBC Breakfast on Monday 12th June to discuss the impact of austerity on education.


Emmanuel - Well done Mr Dharma, I really like what you did on BBC Breakfast.

Nina Lyndon - Great job Mr Dharma!

Pedro6F - Mr Dharma, great job on summarising austerity as a teacher.

manpreet - Good work sir!

raj - Well done sir!

Lay'ahni - I agreed with everything you said 100%

violet5M - Was it fun?

Rabiah and Chante - Hi Mr Dharma!!!!!!! We miss you so much! And we hope that we can see you more on TV!!!

annaiya - Did you enjoy yourself?

Mr Dharma - Lovely comment Rylea - thank you. What do you think needs to happen for all children to have a great education?

Rylea5m - It is very impressive that they showed their opinion.

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